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Top Five Tips for Planning Your Own Funeral
Top Five Tips for Planning Your Own Funeral

Funeral planning in advance is a great way to save your loved ones time, money, and much of the burden of decision-making. However, like most large decisions, it's important to take the time and preparation necessary to ensure that you make choices that will benefit everyone you care about after all, the number one reason people choose funeral planning is to make sure that things are easier for the family left behind to grieve and mourn.The top five considerations when creating a funeral pre-plan include:1. Know your funeral planning options. There are many different types of... more »


Arizona Cemeteries

There are currently 17 cemetery listings for the state of Arizona. Looking for Arizona funeral homes?

Arizona has two famous nicknames. First is the "Grand Canyon" state which speaks of the state's distinguished landmark the Grand Canyon. The other one is the "Copper State" because of its richness in the mentioned mineral. The origin of the name came from Native American language "Arizonac". It means "little spring". One amazing fact about this state that few people know is that London Bridge was shipped to Lake Havasu City. There, it was rebuilt stone by stone.

The state's official neckwear is a bolo tie. It is usually made of leather and its pendant from various metals like silver, gold, or gems like turquoise, the Arizona's official gem. It is made in different sizes and shapes. "Ditat Deus" translated as "God enriches" is the state's official motto. Arizona's landscape is dotted with cactus plants. Inside cactus plants, cactus wren build nests so they are  be safe from predators.  This bird, which is Arizona's state bird,  measures only 7 to 8 inches and had brown back that has white spots on it.

One interesting funeral law in Arizona is the state doesn't require caskets or containers for burial. However, a combustible container is required for bodies to be cremated. The state law believes that a casket, even if it is made by metal, will not prevent a body from decomposing. Crematories and cemeteries on the other hand usually have their minimum requirements. Also in Arizona, funeral processions are permitted to have the right-of-way at intersections no matter what the traffic signal is at the moment, even if it's a red light, provided the driver is a Class D license holder. They can even exceed the usual speed limit up to 15 miles hour so they can go ahead and supervise the traffic at the succeeding intersection points.  

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