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Personalizing Cremation Urns

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There are currently 5 cemetery listings for the city of Fresno, California. Looking for Fresno funeral homes?

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Right in the center of California, within the San Joaquin valley lays the city of Fresno. Considered a part of Central California, it is the largest inland city in the state with a growing population of over a half million people. With the three major employers of Fresno being medical, government and education, the city is beginning to attract other business and companies with its proximity to the capital. All 5 branches of the military are represented here with Army, Navy, Airforce, Marine Corps and National Guard bases within the city of Fresno. It has the distinction of containing the first planned aviation community with an airfield and associated neighborhood community.

All Cemeteries in Fresno

Fresno Catholic Cemeteries
264 N Blythe Ave Send flowers
Fresno, CA 93773


Mountain View Cemetery Association
1411 W Belmont Ave Send flowers
Fresno, CA 93728


Oakwood Cemetery Association
1103 E Street Send flowers
Fresno, CA 93706

Odd Fellows Cemetery
1541 W Belmont Ave Send flowers
Fresno, CA 93728


Washington Colony Cemetery
7318 S Elm Ave Send flowers
Fresno, CA 93712

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