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Obituaries and Identity Theft
Obituaries and Identity Theft

For most people, obituaries are a way to pay a tribute to a loved one and to advertise the time and place of a memorial service. Great time and care is taken to write the obituary in a way that honors the... more »

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San Diego Cemeteries

There are currently 6 cemetery listings for the city of San Diego, California. Looking for San Diego funeral homes?

With all the funeral homes in Southern California, find the right San Diego funeral home for you. Funeral planning can be a chore, so let iMortuary point you to San Diego funeral planning services such as sending funeral flowers, cemeteries or cremation providers. Browse the San Diego funeral homes near you using Southern California zipcode locators on our easy to use site.

The fifth wealthiest and 9th safest city in the United States, San Diego is a great place to call home. Bays and beaches define this city on the Pacific, and makes up the lower part of Southern California. With an economy mainly composed of agriculture, San Diego is home to a several military bases and has a growing biotech and telecommunications industry. Three major universities are all located within the city limits.

All Cemeteries in San Diego

El Camino Memorial - Imperial Avenue
3953 Imperial Avenue Send flowers
San Diego, CA 92113


Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery
3700 Tennyson St Send flowers
San Diego, CA 92107


Holy Cross Cemetery
4470 Hilltop Dr Send flowers
San Diego, CA 92102

Home of Peace Cemetery
7364 El Cajon Blvd Ste 105 Send flowers
San Diego, CA 91944


MT Hope Cemetery
3751 Market St Send flowers
San Diego, CA 92102


San Diego Cemetery Association
5600 Carroll Canyon Rd Send flowers
San Diego, CA 92121

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