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New Haven funeral flowers

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Working with Hospice to Plan a Funeral
Working with Hospice to Plan a Funeral

Most people associate hospice with issues related to end-of-life care, not funeral planning. After all, hospice is supposed to be about coping with terminal illness as a family and enjoying whatever time is left... more »

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New Haven Cemeteries

There are currently 3 cemetery listings for the city of New Haven, Connecticut. Looking for New Haven funeral homes?

Whether you are planning a funeral or sending funeral flowers to a service, iMortuary can aid you. We provide listings of the funeral providers in New Haven. Browse to locate the cemeteries, funeral homes, funeral flowers, and cremation providers in New Haven.

New Haven has one of the first "preconceived layouts" in the nation. In 1639 a 4-by-4 grid plan was created for the streets of New Haven known as the "Nine Square Grid", where the center square left open as a park. This area is now a National Historic Landmark.

New Haven was also home to the first tree planning program in the nation, giving it the nickname of "Elm City" for the numerous Elms located throughout the city.

All Cemeteries in New Haven

Evergreen Cemetery
769 Ella T Grasso Blvd Send flowers
New Haven, CT 06519


Fair Haven Union Cemetery
149 Grand Ave Send flowers
New Haven, CT 06540


Grove St Cemetery
227 Grove St Send flowers
New Haven, CT 06535

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