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Pet Burials and Cremations

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Waterbury Cemeteries

There are currently 4 cemetery listings for the city of Waterbury, Connecticut. Looking for Waterbury funeral homes?

Whatever your beliefs or traditions are, funeral planning is a difficult process. iMortuary provides comprehensive listings of the funeral providers that are located in Waterbury. Whether you are searching for a funeral home, looking for a cemetery or cremation provider, or hope to send funeral flowers to a service we can help.

Waterbury's roots are tied to the brass industry. It is nicknamed the "Brass City", and its motto is "Quid Aere Perennius?" or "What is more lasting than Brass?". During the height of its brass industry in WWII, 10,000 people were employed in manufacturing mills. Brass from Waterbury have been used in the Boulder Dam, as well as minting discs, and South American coins.

All Cemeteries in Waterbury

All Saints Cemetery
203 Spring Lake Rd Send flowers
Waterbury, CT 06706


Calvary Cemetery
2324 E Main St Send flowers
Waterbury, CT 06705


Pine Grove Cemetery Association
850 Meriden Rd Send flowers
Waterbury, CT 06705


Riverside Cemetery Association Ofc
496 Riverside St Send flowers
Waterbury, CT 06725

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