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Funeral Planning and Healthcare Directives
Funeral Planning and Healthcare Directives

Although funeral plans and healthcare directives dont always overlap, they cover issues that many people address at the same time. While funeral plans provide financial support and instructions for after death occurs, healthcare directives address these issues while youre still aliveand too ill to make the decisions on your own.Creating a Healthcare DirectiveMost people dont worry about healthcare directives until their 80s or 90s, when ill health begins to threaten regular decision making. Anyone who has spent some time in the hospital knows that there are... more »


Delaware Cemeteries

There are currently 13 cemetery listings for the state of Delaware. Looking for Delaware funeral homes?

Delaware is the first state in the US, thus, acquiring "the First State" as its official nickname. It is also referred to as The "Blue Hen State." This nickname was given to Delaware after the fighting Blue Hen Cocks that were carried with the Delaware Revolutionary War Soldiers for entertainment during Cockfights. Its capital is Dover, but used to be New Castle. The residents are called the Delawarean. The state was named in the honor of Lord de la Warr, the first governor of Virginia.  

This state has miscellaneous symbols. Milk for an instance, was made the official beverage on June 3, 1983. They also have a state dessert. On July 30 just last year, peach pie became the official state dessert. The historical and agricultural significance of the state's peach farming industry was looked upon that is why the motioned dessert. There are even official state colors, which are buff and colonial blue.  

Scenic spots that Delaware boast of include the Fort Christina Monument, Hagley Museum and Holy Trinity Church built in 17th century. It is the oldest Protestant church in the United States that is still in use. Delaware is the home of the first log cabins in North America, built in 1683 by Swedish immigrants.  

Delaware residents have an Indian influence and it has affected funeral practices. They have this custom that they ought to prepare for death when they reach their late fifties. Meanwhile, the women shall make their preparations by sewing traditional burial outfit. This must include a skirt, blouse and leggings. Delawareans believe that there are signs when one is about to die. It was believed that the person who is near his death will change. He may get irritable so the people surrounding him would hate him and they won't grieve much.  

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