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Is Cremation Appropriate For Everyone?
Is Cremation Appropriate For Everyone?

Cremation is becoming an increasingly viable choice for those who wish to step away from traditional burial platforms. With lower overall costs, a healthier environmental stamp, and the ability to personally connect with the deceased remains, there are a number of good reasons to consider this funeral planning option. However, because cremation has not become quite as widespread as traditional burial, some families may not be ready to take this step.What are the Deceased's Wishes?Cremation tends to come with less hassle than a burial, simply because there are no concerns about... more »


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Florida state's capital is Tallahassee, but Florida's largest city is quite more famous, Jacksonville. The origin of the name came from the Spanish word. It means "feast of flowers." It is the 27th state of the United State of America. It entered the union on March 3, 1845. Florida's motto doesn't have a Latin translation unlike most of the states. It simply puts "In God we trust." This motto though is not officially designated as a state motto. It was never adopted by the Florida Legislature. However, it has been widely used. The residents of the state are called Floridans or Floridians. It is nicknamed the "Sunshine State."  

Florida has lots of beaches, rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. The state has the most number of first magnitude springs among the fifty states.  There are so many that there are actually two rivers in Florida that bear the same name, Withlacoochee. The state is the home of US space craft launchings from now Cape Canaveral, which was formerly called Cape Kennedy. There are miscellaneous symbols in Florida such as official state shell which is the horse conch. This state even has an official soil, which is the Myakka fine sand.  

Native American funeral customs vary from tribe to tribe. In the case of Florida Seminole, the variations do not stop there as the traditions also differ from family to family. However, one major similarity among them is that they keep the personal belongings of the dead. This way, they believed the deceased would stay with them forever, as the dead could not go on their after-life journey without their belongings. Since most of the Florida's lands are swamp, they prefer that they would have above-ground burials. In other part of the state, they have the tradition of throwing the deceased's belongings into the swamp in contrast to the above practice.

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