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Writing a Funeral Program
Writing a Funeral Program

Almost all traditional funerals and memorial services include a program that is handed out to guests as they arrive. This pamphlet usually contains photos and personal information, as well as an outline of the events that will occur during the service. Like a wedding or church program, it provides guests with an overview of what to expect while also acting as a keepsake for the event.When youre planning a funeral, your funeral director will most likely ask you to either create your program or provide key items so that they can print one up for you. Although you are as free to be... more »

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Orlando Cemeteries

There are currently 6 cemetery listings for the city of Orlando, Florida. Looking for Orlando funeral homes?

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Early on Orlando was the center of citrus growers, but it is now known mostly as a thriving tourist destination. Its warm climate, but lack of hurricanes, made it the perfect choice for many high traffic tourist parks. It is the home of Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, and is located near Lake Buena Vista which is the site of Walt Disney World.

All Cemeteries in Orlando

Baldwin Fairchild Cemeteries & Funeral Homes
1413 S Semoran Blvd Send flowers
Orlando, FL 32807

Baldwin-Fairchild Cemeteries
301 Ne Ivanhoe Blvd Send flowers
Orlando, FL 32809

Baldwin-Fairchild Cemeteries
5800 Hansel Ave Send flowers
Orlando, FL 32890


Chapel Hill Cemetery
2424 Harrell Rd Send flowers
Orlando, FL 32817


Greenwood Cemetery
1603 Greenwood St Send flowers
Orlando, FL 32872


Washington Park Cemetery
3402 34th St Send flowers
Orlando, FL 32861