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Funeral Costs: a Detailed Price Breakdown
Funeral Costs: a Detailed Price Breakdown

The average funeral costs between $8,000 and $12,000, including everything from casket and embalming to a burial plot and a memorial service. However, not all of this money goes to one place. Each component... more »

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Savannah Cemeteries

There are currently 2 cemetery listings for the city of Savannah, Georgia. Looking for Savannah funeral homes?

With more than 100 neighborhoods, locating the funeral services you require in Savannah can be stressful. iMortuary provides you with comprehensive listings of the funeral providers located around Savannah. Browse below to locate the cemeteries, funeral homes, cremation providers and funeral flower arrangers located near you that suit your needs.

Founded in 1755 Savannah has kept its majestic historical buildings safe. Its downtown area is known as a National Historic Landmark District. The district has maintained its 22 squares, churches, synagogues, homes, forts, and cemeteries. Savannah's Colonial Park Cemetery dates back the English colony that settled Georgia.

All Cemeteries in Savannah

Catholic Cemetery
1720 Wheaton St Send flowers
Savannah, GA 31404


Lincoln Memorial Cemetery
204 W Hall St Send flowers
Savannah, GA 31401