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Hawaii completed the 50 states of United States of America when it entered the union on August 21, 1959. The scholars are still debating on how the name of the state was originated. Some believes that it was probably from a Polynesian word that means "ancestral home." Its motto is "Ua mau ke ea o ka aina I ka pono" translated" The life of land is perpetuated in righteousness." It was nicknamed the "Aloha state." The residents are called Hawaiian. "Hawaii Ponoi" is the official state. Hawaii is one of the United State's smallest states.

Hawaii was formed by volcanoes located under the sea. This state is the home of "lolani", the only royal palace in the United States. The symbols of Hawaii are quite unique and amazing. Its official tree is the Kukui or candlenut while the official state's flower is the yellow hibiscus. Nene or the Hawaiian goose is the official bird. Hawaii's official marine mammal is the humpback whale. Black coral is the official state's gem. Unlike the other states, Hawaii has several official colors. It includes pink, red, golden yellow, green, purple, orange and gray.  

Hawaiian priests are called Kahu at most churches. Customs vary from church to church. Hawaiians have a high respect for the body of the dead. They don't just move the bones. They conduct special ceremonies if ever the bone is to be moved elsewhere. Most Hawaiians prefer water burials. The family of the deceased would throw the body into the ocean, and if cremated, the ashes will be scattered. They believe humans should go back to where they came from when they die. In contrary to other's culture, they do not wear black during the ceremony. Then, there will be a feast afterwards celebrating the life of the deceased.

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