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How to Plan a Cheap Funeral
How to Plan a Cheap Funeral

Even under the best of circumstances, funeral planning comes with a long list of costs and responsibilities. With the average funeral cost at around $7,000 (and additional considerations for burial arrangements), it is not easyor cheapto say goodbye to those we love.A number of different programs and options have arisen to help the modern consumer defray some of these costs. Funeral pre-plans allow you to pay for and a plan a funeral in advance, oftentimes with monthly payments or even insurance premiums that can be spread out over a few years. Other options include green... more »


Idaho Cemeteries

There are currently 40 cemetery listings for the state of Idaho. Looking for Idaho funeral homes?

Idaho is the 14th largest state of in the United States. The origin of the state's name is popularly believed to be a Native American word, but others contest that it is an invented name whose meaning is still unknown. It entered the union on July 3, 1890 and became the 43rd state of United State of America. Its motto is "Esto perpetua" translated as "It is forever." "Here We Have Idaho" is the official state song. It is nicknamed the "Gem State" because it produces more than 70 types of precious and semi-precious stones. Some of these stones can only be found in Idaho. The state's gemstone is the star garnet. Its capital is the largest city, Boise.

The official tree of Idaho is white pine, while the state's official flower is lilac. the mountain blue bird is Idaho's official bird, cutthroat being the state's official fish, and appaloosa, being the official horse. Almost 25 percent of the country's potato crop comes from this state. It is also the home of the longest main street in America. It is in Island Park with the length of 33 miles.

Traditionally, Shoshone-Bannock tribal members in Fort Hall Indian Reservation in Idaho provide treat funeral practices as an extension of their expression of caring for loved ones. The family of the dead will wash and dress the body, and then they will place it in a wooden casket. Embalming is avoided throughout the burial. However, because of the outside influences, the bodies are now preserved using dry ice prior to burial. They lay the body in honor for some days with a campfire outside. They don't leave the body. The funeral ceremony is called a "tipi." It is women who attend to visitors, while the children help them. Sometimes the deceased are dressed regally with jewelries and moccasin in preparation for their trip in the after life.

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