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Writing an Ethical Will
Writing an Ethical Will

Ethical wills are one of the oldest funeral planning tools in existenceeven though they have a lot less to do with funerals and a lot more to do with leaving a legacy behind. Historically popular in the Jewish culture as a way to pass ethical values from one generation to the next, ethical wills are now being adopted by a large percentage of the population, across generations and religions. In fact, the American Bar Association recommends writing an ethical will as an addendum to traditional estate planning.What is an Ethical Will?Ethical wills date back over a thousand... more »

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Nampa was born in the 1880's with the introduction of railway lines to the area. In the beginning, though the town's official name was Nampa, the area was known as "New Jerusalem", mostly likely stemming from the strong religious background of the settlers. The residents eventually embraced the name Nampa which is a Shoshone word which translates to moccasin or footprint.

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Kohlerlawn Cemetery
530 6th St N Ext Send flowers
Nampa, ID 83651