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Changing Cemeteries After the Deceased Has Already Been Buried
Changing Cemeteries After the Deceased Has Already Been Buried

When funeral planning takes place after a sudden loss, it's not uncommon for decisions to be made hastily or in the best interest of getting the burial arrangements made and completed with as little fuss as... more »

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Pocatello Cemeteries

There is currently 1 cemetery listing for the city of Pocatello, Idaho. Looking for Pocatello funeral homes?

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Pocatello is known as the nations "Smile Capital." After suffering a particularly harsh winter in 1948 the mayor jokingly made it illegal not to smile. This law was never enforced, but remained on the books. The residents still commemorate this unique law with an annual celebration.

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Mountain View Cemetery
1520 S 4th Ave Send flowers
Pocatello, ID 83204