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Funeral Planning Help: How to Get over Your Fear of Cemeteries
Funeral Planning Help: How to Get over Your Fear of Cemeteries

The fear of cemeteries (coimetrophia) or tombstones (placophobia) is a very real thingjust as real as the fear of heights or crowds or any of those things that inhibit a persons ability to cope in this... more »

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There is currently 1 cemetery listing for the city of Twin Falls, Idaho. Looking for Twin Falls funeral homes?

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Twin Falls is located near three waterfalls: the Shoshone Falls, Pillar Falls, and the Twin Falls which the city is named after. Because of its access to water the area has long been inhabited by humans. At the Wilson Butte Cave that is located close by the Twin Falls, archaeologists have found remnants of human habitation, such as arrowheads which were some of the oldest artifacts found in the US.

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Twin Falls Cemetery Association
2551 Kimberly Rd Send flowers
Twin Falls, ID 83303