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Bereavement Airfare and Hotels

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Illinois Cemeteries

There are currently 262 cemetery listings for the state of Illinois. Looking for Illinois funeral homes?

Illinois, the twenty-first state to achieve its statehood and is comprised of one hundred and two counties is the home of known sports team like the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bear Football, Chicago Whitesox and the Chicago Blackhawk Hockey team.  ??Not only is it known for its sports teams but is also the home of the several 'firsts' in the world. In 1885, the world's very first skyscraper was built in here particularly in the city of Chicago. Illinois is ale the very first among the states to abolish slavery.

??For bookworms, you'd love to know that you'll never run out of resources with ChicagoPublic Library's two million books; the world's largest library. It would also amaze you to know that Illinois has a post office too huge that you would be able to drive your car through. Oreo lovers, did you know that your well-loved cookie snack is made in the largest cookie factory in the world? Nabisco, which is located in Chicago.

It is not enough to know the interesting places of Illinois. One should also get to know the figures who made the state what it is now and even more interesting. Some of the mostly noted personalities of Illinois are Ernest Hemingway (earned a Nobel Prize in Literature), Walt Disney (founder of the famous theme park Disneyland and the creator of the most famous mouse in the world, Mickey Mouse), Hillary Clinton (a former first lady), Ronald Reagan (America's fortieth president), Harrison Ford  (actor), and Black Hawk (where the Chicago hockey team got its name).

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