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Who Has the Legal Right to Make Funeral Decisions?
Who Has the Legal Right to Make Funeral Decisions?

If a loved one dies and there is contention within the family, it can be difficult for everyone to agree on the right decisions to make regarding funeral planning and other burial decisions. While many families... more »


Indiana Cemeteries

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Indiana was first occupied by Native Americans who were the Paleo-Indians who first arrived at the state around 8000 – 10000 years ago. After the Paleo-Indians came the Archaic Indians who were thought to have come from the south around 4000BC.  They were almost the same with the Paleo-Indians but differ only in small ways like in the preparation of food. They usually roast and boil their food unlike the Paleo-Indians who never did. The Indians advanced in lots of important ways. They were able to develop weapons for hunting, pottery making and agriculture. Then the Woodland Period took place around 800BC until the arrival of the Europeans already.  

The European period marks the beginning of the Modern Period for Indiana. There were 4 main tribes that lived in Indiana mainly the Miamis, Potawatomis, Weas, and the Piankashaws. Each tribe lived in different parts of the land. By the turn of the 19th century, there were lots of different tribes settling in at Indiana but these tribes would soon be forced out of the land by the increasing number of settlements by the Americans too.  

Before the Americans finally settled, the land of Indiana was first reached by the French and the British people. This land was also taken over and governed by both the French and the British government during French and Indian war. This happened due to the control of the fur trade. After the French and Indian war, the British took control of the Northern Part at around 1760 but this takeover did not last that long.

Then the Americans came and tried to settle in the lands immediately. Life was difficult the first few times but then they were able to manage to increase in population and the State of Indiana was born.  

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