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Funeral Costs You Might Not Be Expecting
Funeral Costs You Might Not Be Expecting

When most people go into a funeral home expecting to plan a funeral, they have a pretty good idea of what they can afford to pay and how they want to spend their money. Caskets, use of the facilities for a... more »


Maine Cemeteries

There are currently 29 cemetery listings for the state of Maine. Looking for Maine funeral homes?

Maine is known for the more than 60 lighthouses by the coast of this state.  Lighthouses were once known to be the guardians and saviors of the sea.  The light cuts through fog and foul weather.  This serves as a warning against danger for those at sea.  It is also a guide for those who are lost so they would find their way home. 

When visiting Maine, it is a necessity to visit and explore some of these lighthouses.  Some of these have been refurbished into hotels, making it very appealing to tourists.  Some have been turned into bird sanctuaries and wildlife refuges.  Some have been turned into museums. One of the famous and well-photographed lighthouses is the Bass Harbor Head in Mt. Desert Island.  The grounds are open to anyone who wants to visit except for the keeper's house.  Cape Neddick, or most popularly known as "the Nubble" can be found in York.  It is inspired by a Victorian theme and shows miniature lighthouses on its railings.  It is not open for visitors but can be easily viewed from 200 yards away.

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