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Looking Ahead: Funeral Pre-Planning
Looking Ahead: Funeral Pre-Planning

It may be a necessary fact of life, but pre-planning a funeral isnt what most people choose to do on their day off. Perhaps the biggest obstacle to planning for a funeral is that it requires facing the fact that eventually, you will pass away. Coming to terms with this truth isnt easy for any one, and it can be difficult for both you and your loved ones.However, after your death, final arrangements will have to be made, and you can spare your loved ones considerable cost and heartache by attending to the details in advance. And if you have already decided whether you will choose... more »

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There are currently 2 cemetery listings for the city of Lewiston, Maine. Looking for Lewiston funeral homes?

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Lewiston is home to the Great Falls Balloon Festival. Started in 1992, it is an annual hot air balloon event which approximately 100,000 people visit each year. The festival spans a number of parks where the balloons lift off from. It also provides music, games, rides, and trade booths for the attendees.

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MT Hope Cemetery
Mount Hope Ave Send flowers
Lewiston, ME 04240


Riverside Cemetery Association
192 Summer St Send flowers
Lewiston, ME 04240