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Cremation and Burial Alternatives
Cremation and Burial Alternatives

In the past, funeral planning was simple and straightforward. You bought a burial plot, a casket, and said your goodbyes. Choice was limited, and you often ended up with the same casket or headstone the rest of... more »


Massachusetts Cemeteries

There are currently 236 cemetery listings for the state of Massachusetts. Looking for Massachusetts funeral homes?

Massachusetts is well-known for its rich culture. It is a salad bowl of different cultures and traditions.  The state has famous museums and cultural centers. From African-American History to Russian icons, the state has a lot of knowledge to impart.  

They also have heritage trails that boast of important places where most historical events occurred. There are special tours that can be arranged to visit these places. A guide can tell you more details and interesting facts about these locations.  

The culinary culture of Massachusetts is a must-try. They have dishes from Russia like pirozhki and the ever famous caviar. You can also get a taste of Jewish cuisine; falafel and kosher wines are fine examples of these. There are neighborhoods that can also be visited. The North End is a little town depicting the Italian culture. Chinatown Boston pays tribute to the Chinese settlers of the 1880s. It has now grown to be the residence of Chinese families in Boston and some parts of New England. It offers a variety of historical places, events, and of course, the traditional Chinese cuisine.

One of the most awaited events in Massachusetts is the Irish, Scottish, and Celtic Festivals. It features events such as the Worcester Irish Music festival, Cape Cod Irish summer fest, Blackstone Valley Celtic Festival, Glasgow Scottish lands festival, Newport Waterfront Irish festival, New Hampshire Highland games, and the Irish Heritage festival. Another famous event in this state is Saint Patrick's Day parade. The city plans festivities to go along with this holiday. This draws more than 500, 000 visitors to Boston. The first ever St. Patrick's Day celebration was in 1737. Massachusetts boasts of having the grandest and largest St' Patrick's Day parade. There are a lot more interesting places and events in all the cities of this state. 

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