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When Youre in Charge of the Funeral Plans
When Youre in Charge of the Funeral Plans

When it is up to you to take on the responsibility of funeral planning, it can be helpful to have some guidance. From choosing a funeral home to making burial arrangements, there are a lot of decisions to be made. In addition, you likely need to attend to the comfort of others as well as to your own grief. Fortunately, there are resources available to simplify funeral planning.Funeral Directors and HomesThe funeral planning process will probably be easier with the guidance of an experienced funeral director. These professionals are educated in proper procedures and can help you to... more »

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Fall River Cemeteries

There are currently 5 cemetery listings for the city of Fall River, Massachusetts. Looking for Fall River funeral homes?

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One interesting aspect of Fall River's cultural history is the importance of Soccer to the area, which was introduced to the area in the 1880's. It was brought over by English and Scottish immigrants who were employed in the local textile factories. It popularity was maintained as a flood of new residents arrived from Portugal decades later. For decades teams and players from the area were some of the best in the nation.

All Cemeteries in Fall River

Diocesan Catholic Cemetery
2233 Robeson St Send flowers
Fall River, MA 02720


Hebrew Cemetery
Mcmahon St Send flowers
Fall River, MA 02721


Notre Dame Cemetery
1540 Stafford Rd Send flowers
Fall River, MA 02721


Oak Grove Cemetery
765 Prospect St Send flowers
Fall River, MA 02720


St Patrick's Cemetery
2233 Robeson St Send flowers
Fall River, MA 02720