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The Environmental Impact of Cremation
The Environmental Impact of Cremation

One of the most common reasons to choose cremation over burial is because of the reputed environmental benefit. In an age when all of us are looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, cremation... more »

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New Bedford Cemeteries

There are currently 4 cemetery listings for the city of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Looking for New Bedford funeral homes?

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New Bedford's nickname is "The Whaling City", as its history is closely tied with the whaling industry. New Bedford's whalers sold whale products such as oils, candles and whalers such as Lewis Temple, refined whaling techniques by creating new tools such as the toggling harpoon, making whaling easier and leading to New Bedford's importance in this historic industry. Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick, worked in New Bedford as a whaler and drew inspiration for it in his novel.

All Cemeteries in New Bedford

New Bedford Cemetery
149 Dartmouth St Send flowers
New Bedford, MA 02740


Sacred Heart Cemetery
559 Mount Pleasant St Send flowers
New Bedford, MA 02746

St John's Cemetery
664 Allen St Send flowers
New Bedford, MA 02740

St Mary's Cemetery
559 Mount Pleasant St Send flowers
New Bedford, MA 02746