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Pet Cremation Facts
Pet Cremation Facts

When a beloved pet dies, you have several options as far as taking care of the body. For low-cost methods, you can ask your local animal control office to collect the body and dispose of it according to their standard procedure. (This usually means mass cremation and minimal ceremony.) If you have the right permits, you might also be able to bury your pet on your own land.However, these steps, while useful in terms of finance, arent always enough for a family in mourning. For many of us, the loss of a pet is just as devastating as the loss of a close friend, and its only... more »

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Worcester Cemeteries

There are currently 5 cemetery listings for the city of Worcester, Massachusetts. Looking for Worcester funeral homes?

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European settlers founded Worcester in 1673 and fast created a town with a broad economic base, and by the 1800's it was a center for the industrial revolution. This led to an environment where by which women had a economic opportunities that were unique at the time. In 1908 the Royal Worcester Corset Company employed 1200 women, which was a record for the nation, and female entrepreneurs thrived.

All Cemeteries in Worcester

All Faiths Cemetery & Crmtry
7 Island Rd Send flowers
Worcester, MA 01603


Hope Cemetery
119 Webster St Send flowers
Worcester, MA 01603


Notre Dame Cemetery & Mslm
162 Webster St Send flowers
Worcester, MA 01603


Rural Cemetery & Crematory
180 Grove St Send flowers
Worcester, MA 01605


St John's Cemetery
260 Cambridge St Send flowers
Worcester, MA 01610