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Travel for a Funeral
Travel for a Funeral

Funeral planning can be hard enough, but when you factor in needing to travel to get there, it makes a difficult situation that much more complicated. While nothing can ease the emotional load of the event, there are a few tips that you can follow that will make your funeral plan easieron you and on your budget.Sometimes we know when a loved one is about to pass on, but other times the death can come as a shock. When this happens, finding last minute travel arrangements can be difficult. Fortunately, many airlines offer discounted rates for bereavement travel for when you cant... more »


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Before the arrival of settlers, there were several tribes settled in what us now known as the state of Michigan. There were people of Miami, Ottawa, Menominee, Pottawatomie, and Ojibwa. The native population then was estimated to be around 15,000.

Michigan slowly progressed in regards of settlement and population growth up until the 1820s. It was first discovered around 1610. At that time, Michigan was claimed and governed by France. By 1783, this state was put under Great Britain. After the war in 1783, it has been passed on to the United States where it will remain until the present time.  It was still under the British Government though, and was not under American possession up until 1796.

The great oil crisis in the United States happened in 1973. This caused recession in the economy of Michigan and the whole of the United States. The US was famous for having automobile companies. They were now challenged by rising companies from Japan. Soon, the domestic automobile makers started cutting down on costs to remain competitive enough in the US and all around the world. There was a significant increase in unemployment in Michigan, making them the state with the highest rate of unemployed residents.  

The Michigan government had to create large cuts from educational and public health funds in a desperate attempt to reduce the growing debts of the state. They strengthened the automobile industry and increased tax revenue to be able to make the government and every household stable enough to survive. Michigan relied heavily on their automobile industry and was continuously challenged by other companies now including South Korea. Since late 1980s, The Michigan government has been able to attract new and different industries. At this time, they were able to reduce reliance on just auto making.  The state of Michigan has never stopped growing since.

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