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Are Funeral Expenses Deductible on My Taxes?
Are Funeral Expenses Deductible on My Taxes?

The unexpected funeral costs that arise after a death often put a strain on family finances. With a total price tag anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over ten thousand dollars, paying for a funeral out of... more »


Missouri Cemeteries

There are currently 129 cemetery listings for the state of Missouri. Looking for Missouri funeral homes?

Missouri is the twenty fourth state in the United States of America,  It is known to be a border state, meaning the culture is a mix of Midwestern and Southern influences.  Missouri was derived from the name of a tribe, Missouri Indians.  It means "town of the large canoes". Missouri is where ice cream cones were first served.  It happened in St. Louis during the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904.  It was invented by an ice cream vendor who asked a waffle vendor to help him roll waffles to hold ice cream because he ran out of cups. The largest beer producing plant, Anheuser-Busch Brewery, can be found in St. Louis, Missouri.

Creve Coeur is a lake that is shaped like a broken heart.  It was believed to have been formed when an Indian princess fell in love with a French man. The love was not returned so she leapt into the lake and it became shaped like a broken heart. The name Creve Coeur means "broken heart" in French. 

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