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Funeral Planning: Create a List of Contacts and Personal Information
Funeral Planning: Create a List of Contacts and Personal Information

Some of the best (and lowest-cost) funeral planning efforts dont involve buying or arranging anything. In fact, before you do any concrete planning, its a good idea to sit down and organize your fiscal and personal information so that everything you need is in one place. By taking an extra step to outline your funeral wishes and to provide a copy of this information to the individual who will be responsible for your estate after your death, you can save quite a bit of time and effort.Personal InformationThis sheet should contain all the basic facts about you and your... more »

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There are currently 3 cemetery listings for the city of Columbia, Missouri. Looking for Columbia funeral homes?

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From its incorporation in 1821, education has been at the heart of Columbia's culture. When the state legislature was trying to decide which area of the state would receive a university, Columbia proved its enthusiasm by raising three times more than any other city. They won, and the first university, which is now known as The University of Missouri, was opened in 1839. The area became a center for education with the opening of the university and several colleges.

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Columbia Cemetery Association
30 E Bdwy Send flowers
Columbia, MO 65211


Jewell Cemetery State Historic Site
Boone County Send flowers
Columbia, MO 65211


Memorial Park Cemetery
1217 Business Loop 70 W Send flowers
Columbia, MO 65218