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Should You Buy Artificial Funeral Flowers?
Should You Buy Artificial Funeral Flowers?

Funeral flowers (also known as sympathy flowers) are a common way to show your love and support for the recently deceased. Whether you order a large casket spray for display during a memorial service or a handful of rose petals to shower down on the casket as it is lowered into the ground, flowers are one of the most popular traditions in the funeral industry.When most of us talk about funeral flowers, however, we mean fresh flowersan arrangement ordered through a florist in the days preceding the funeral, and for use during the memorial service. Like all fresh flower arrangements,... more »


Nevada Cemeteries

There are currently 19 cemetery listings for the state of Nevada. Looking for Nevada funeral homes?

The state of Nevada had been admitted to the Union in October 21, 1864 making it the thirty-sixth state of America. Aside from a large production of silver, Nevada also is the number one gold producer in America and the second largest manufacturer in the world.  

Nevada has three major cities - Henderson, Reno, and Las Vegas. It could be interesting to know that this American state is named not by the early Americans but by Spanish. Nevada, surrounded by mountains and mountain states were known for its snow-capped peaks thus getting its name as Nevada (snow-capped in Spanish).  

When it comes to land area, Nevada comes seventh and considered to be one of the fastest growing and developing states of America. Surrounded with desserts, Nevada is deemed to be the driest place in America having sunny and hot season almost year round. The Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Lehman Cave National Monument and the Great Basin National Park are just few of the tourist spots in Nevada.

Aside from its hotels and casinos, Nevada has the most lax laws when it comes to marriage. In fact, just in Las Vegas alone, there are around a hundred and fifty marriages officiated in a day.

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