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Buying a Casket at a Major Retailer
Buying a Casket at a Major Retailer

Seemingly, one of the easiest ways to save money on funeral costs is to purchase your casket at a third-party provider. Caskets tend to be the most expensive item on a funeral price list, and shopping around might save up to thousands of dollars. Although not all funeral homes make this option clear, the Funeral Rule requires that funeral homes accept a casket purchased from an outside retailer, if that is what you wish.While it might seem like a popular option to buy your casket from a lower cost provider, there are quite a few obstacles and taboos that prevent it from becoming... more »


New Jersey Cemeteries

There are currently 208 cemetery listings for the state of New Jersey. Looking for New Jersey funeral homes?

New Jersey is a state that offers a lot to those incoming residents who would want to live and work there. There are nine New Jersey cities that have been cited and included to be in the top 100 best cities to live at in America. These are Franklin Township, Parsippany or Troy Hills, Piscataway, Edison, Hamilton, Washington Township, Union, Howell, and Wayne.

There are also a lot of famous people who came from New Jersey like: Glenn Taranto, an actor in the new Addams Family movie, Ray Toro; lead guitarist of the group My Chemical Romance, and Martin Truex Jr, a famous NASCAR driver. These are just a few from the long list of famous people from New Jersey.   

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