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Should You Take Kids to Funerals?
Should You Take Kids to Funerals?

Funerals, even under the best of circumstances, are a frightening experience. When you add in the formal and often austere backdrop of a funeral home and cemetery, the result can be one that is not welcoming to kids.However, just like adults, children must go through their own process of grief and understanding when it comes to death. And for many children, this means being able to say goodbye and share in the experience of a group of friends and family coming together to celebrate life and honor death. Whether the funeral is in the planning stages or if you're trying to decide what... more »

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North Brunswick Cemeteries

There are currently 2 cemetery listings for the city of North Brunswick, New Jersey. Looking for North Brunswick funeral homes?

All Cemeteries in North Brunswick

Elmwood Cemetery
425 Georges Rd Send flowers
North Brunswick, NJ 08906


Van Liew Cemetery
585 Georges Rd Send flowers
North Brunswick, NJ 08906