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Popular Funeral Verses
Popular Funeral Verses

One of the more common parts of a memorial service is the reading of favorite Bible verses or poetry that you and your family choose. As far as funeral planning goes, this isn't the most difficult decision you'll make, and there is no wrong way to choose a funeral verse, but it is good to take some time choosing what will be read and who will be responsible for the reading. That's because in addition to honoring the deceased, there can be great healing to be found in the wisdom of others.Bible VersesVirtually any Bible verse can be used during a memorial ceremony, since so... more »

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Totowa Cemeteries

There are currently 2 cemetery listings for the city of Totowa, New Jersey. Looking for Totowa funeral homes?

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Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
52 Totowa Rd Send flowers
Totowa, NJ 07502


Laurel Grove Cemetery
295 Totowa Rd Send flowers
Totowa, NJ 07512