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Syracuse funeral flowers

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Funeral Flowers on a Budget
Funeral Flowers on a Budget

Sympathy flowers are a common part of funeral plans. From elaborate sprays that are used to decorate the memorial service to smaller bouquets that are placed on the casket as it is lowered into the ground,... more »

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Syracuse Cemeteries

There are currently 8 cemetery listings for the city of Syracuse, New York. Looking for Syracuse funeral homes?

Syracuse has a long rich history, and as such it is not always easy to locate the cemeteries and funeral homes that are still active. iMortuary's goal is to provide you with current listings of the funeral providers available in Syracuse. Browse our site to locate local cemeteries, funeral homes, cremation providers, and funeral flower arrangers.

As the location of the Syracuse University, which opened its doors in 1870, as well as Upstate Medical University, State University, the College of Environmental Science and Forestry and a number of smaller colleges, Syracuse has become a center for education. As such the universities are the leading employers, and university culture is embraced by its residents.

All Cemeteries in Syracuse

Assumption Cemetery
2401 Court St Send flowers
Syracuse, NY 13208


Catholic Cemeteries Diocese
2315 South Ave Send flowers
Syracuse, NY 13207


Myrtle Hill Cemetery
112 Andrews St Send flowers
Syracuse, NY 13219


New York Cemetery Division
333 E Washington St Ste 512 Send flowers
Syracuse, NY 13235


Oakwood Cemeteries Incorporated
940 Comstock Ave Send flowers
Syracuse, NY 13210


Sacred Heart Cemetery
6650 Beach Rd Send flowers
Syracuse, NY 13209

St Agnes Cemetery
2315 South Ave Send flowers
Syracuse, NY 13207


Woodlawn Cemetery & Mausoleums
800 Grant Blvd Send flowers
Syracuse, NY 13208