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Funeral Planning: The Funeral Luncheon
Funeral Planning: The Funeral Luncheon

One of the customs many people look forward to during funeral planning is the funeral luncheon, or the reception following the memorial service. Although this is obviously not a traditional family gathering, since the recent death will necessarily cast a gloom over the proceedings, the funeral luncheon can be a time of great celebration.This is an ideal time to share happy memories and funny stories of the deceased, and to play music he or she loved. If you have had a chance to funeral pre-plan because of a terminal illness, you might even be able to incorporate the direct wishes of... more »


North Dakota Cemeteries

There are currently 12 cemetery listings for the state of North Dakota. Looking for North Dakota funeral homes?

Unlike some other states, the state of North Dakota is known for several names; The Peace Garden State, The Rough Rider State, The Flickertail State and its present name The Sioux State. The name Roughrider State was one of the promotions tourism that had been supported by the state in the sixties and seventies.

North Dakota is a state which is rich in agricultural products like wheat, potatoes, rye, barley, flaxseed and animals like cattle and calves and natural riches like petroleum, sand, gravel, clay and lignite.

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