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Oregon is mostly an urbanized state with seventy percent of its population located in the urban areas and thirty percent on the rural spots. While the other states are proud of their large parks, the Mil Ends Park in Portland, Oregon in the world's smallest park officially recognized. It only measures around two feet  across. Created in 1948, the place was created to hold races between snails and leprechauns during the celebration of St. Patrick's day.

The way to Crater Lake could be very scary but the view is so breathe taking. Having formed like 6,500 years ago, it is considered to be United States' deepest lake and the only one in the world which had been formed from volcano eruption debris with its clear and blue waters very much known to the world.

The llama is one of the most dominant animals in Oregon and as a matter of fact, Oregonians own like a quarter of the whole country's llama population. The Oregon is the very first state that raised a ban on non-returnable cans and bottles. The law was aimed to reduce the litter and to encourage recycling.

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Police investigate Hyannis cemetery vandalism
H YANNIS Vandals have been desecrating the Oak Grove Cemetery on Sea Street, knocking over headstones regularly since Halloween, according to the Barnstable police. Many of the headstones date back to the 1800s, Barnstable police Sgt. Sean Sweeney said ...

New member is appointed to Parma Cemetery Commission
Parma City Council has approved the appointment of Charles Jennings, a Dartworth Drive resident, to the citys Cemetery Commission. In an Oct. 25 memo to council, Mayor Dean DePiero said Jennings helped lead the effort to preserve and clean York Street ...

Cemetery to offer Oklahomans a natural resting place
STILLWATER Bill Bernhardt doesn't want to be buried in his cemetery, but he knows other people will. He's opening a cemetery in western Payne County where the dead can be buried without embalming, coffins or headstones. The three acres of grassland ...

Rochester's Mount Hope Cemetery 'Brings History Alive'
ROCHESTER, N.Y. Atop an oak-shaded hill at Mount Hope Cemetery, an epitaph chiseled in Latin on Col. Nathaniel Rochester's headstone whispers on the wind: "If you seek his monument, look around you." Mount Hope, America's oldest municipal park-garden ...

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Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington National Cemetery Welcomes New Superintendent: A special ... If you have a loved one buried at Arlington National Cemetery and have questions or concerns regarding ...