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Funeral Pre-Planning: Cash Advance Items
Funeral Pre-Planning: Cash Advance Items

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Columbia Cemeteries

There are currently 3 cemetery listings for the city of Columbia, South Carolina. Looking for Columbia funeral homes?

No matter what your traditions or beliefs are preparing for a funeral can be a difficult experience. iMortuary provides listings for the funeral services available in Columbia to make this process a little easier. Browse to locate funeral providers such as funeral homes, cemeteries, cremation providers, and funeral flower arrangers.

One of Columbia's interesting features is its location on the "fall line" of the Appalachians. This is the point in the river that is farthest navigable point inland, and farthest inland that it is possible to place a water powered mill. Columbia is placed where three rivers meet, and as such Columbia took advantage of this with its many early mills.

All Cemeteries in Columbia

Eci Cemetery Svc Incorporated
7100 Garners Ferry Rd Send flowers
Columbia, SC 29202

Elmwood Cemetery & Gardens
501 Elmwood Ave Send flowers
Columbia, SC 29217


Temples-Halloran Funeral Home
5400 Bush River Road Send flowers
Columbia, SC 29212