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Are You Ready for a Destination Funeral?
Are You Ready for a Destination Funeral?

When it comes to funeral planning, people are faced with more options than ever before. You can completely pre-plan a funeral while you are still in the peak of health. You can donate your body to science. You can even shoot your cremated remains up into space or become part of an eco-friendly coral reef project.A new wave of funeral planning innovations is the destination funeral. Like a destination wedding, this is a celebration planned for somewhere far away from home: maybe a tropical beach or a favorite location overseas. For those with enough money to turn this dream into a... more »


South Dakota Cemeteries

There are currently 16 cemetery listings for the state of South Dakota. Looking for South Dakota funeral homes?

South Dakotans (as South Dakota residents are called) have a lot of things they could be proud of their state. Mt. Rushmore is where the granite-curved images of Theodore Roosevelt, Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson  are and it is a certified tourist attraction. Two of the other tourist attractions in South Dakota are Badlands which has the only corn palace in the world and Deadwood city which is the very place where Wild Bill Hickok got killed in the year 1876.

South Dakota was a part of the1830 Louisiana Purchase where the U.S. have acquired some regions from England. The first known established permanent settlement was recoreded in the year 1817 but it was only in 1873 that settlers earnestly arrived due to the creation of the railroad and the Black Hills gold discovery a year after. Dakota and Lakota are tribes from Sioux American Indianm, they were one of the early settlers the region and this is where it got its present name.

South Dakota's major industry is agriculture with wheat, oats, soybeans and corn are the main crops and cattle and sheep raising also brings significant contribution to the economy. Ninety percent of South Dakota lands is classified as farmland and this is no doubt agriculture is the number one industy. While there was an abundant gold production in the state, cement production has surpassed it in the year 2003.

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