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How to Have a Sea Burial
How to Have a Sea Burial

Although it might seem like an archaic practice to those accustomed to modern funeral planning, sea burials have long been an acceptable way to dispose of human remains. For some cultures, the act of returning the body to the sea is part of a long-standing relationship with the water and its life-giving properties. For others, it is a military honor bestowed on those who gave their life to service at sea.In the United States, most sea burials are provided for members of the United States Navy (and their family members)especially if death occurred during naval service. And while... more »

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There are currently 2 cemetery listings for the city of Bryan, Texas. Looking for Bryan funeral homes?

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Bryan City Cemetery
1111 N Texas Ave Send flowers
Bryan, TX 77806


Weedon Cemetery Service
5335 Fm 1179 Send flowers
Bryan, TX 77808