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Funeral Planning Help: How to Get over Your Fear of Cemeteries
Funeral Planning Help: How to Get over Your Fear of Cemeteries

The fear of cemeteries (coimetrophia) or tombstones (placophobia) is a very real thingjust as real as the fear of heights or crowds or any of those things that inhibit a persons ability to cope in this... more »


Vermont Cemeteries

There are currently 15 cemetery listings for the state of Vermont. Looking for Vermont funeral homes?

The Green Mountain State is the nickname Vermont is known for. It has achieved its statehood statehood on March 4, 1791 making it the fourteenth state to be the member of the Union. Vermont is bordered by the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and bodies of water like the Lake Champlain and Connecticut River.

While there had been a number of famous Vermont people, the following had been the most noted; Chester A. Arthur and Calvin Coolidge (both US ex presidents), Brigham Young, Elisha Otis,  Rudy Vallee and Stephen A. Douglas. Besides these notable people, Vermont has several attractions that both local and foreign tourists keep coming back for. The list includes Coolidge Birthplace,  Old Constitution House, Marble Exhibit, Granite Quarries and the Naulakha which is known to be  Rudylard Kipling's home.

Of all the capital states in America, Montpelier is the smallest in the entire country and is the only state capital where McDonald's doesn't exist and the only only state as well where the ever famous chains of grocery, the Wal-Mart isn't found.

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