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Pre-Need Funeral Planning: Where to Start
Pre-Need Funeral Planning: Where to Start

The thought of spending time on funeral planning is not generally a fun one, but by taking the opportunity to engage in what is known as pre-need funeral planning, you can take a significant burden off of... more »


Washington Cemeteries

There are currently 97 cemetery listings for the state of Washington. Looking for Washington funeral homes?

The state of Washington is the home of many known celebrities like Bill Gates, Quincy Jones, Bing Cosby, Gypsy Rose Lee, Ray Charles, Adam West and Bob Barker.

But before it achieved its statehood, the Washington region was called Columbia which was named after the Columbia River. It was then later changed to Washington after it became a state so as to avoid confusion with the District of Columbia.

Washington is the home of many great stuff. Aside from being the home of great entertainers, it is also in Washington where huge online companies started;,, and Marchex. In Washington, you can find four of the five longest floating bridges in the world; Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge,  Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, Homer M. Hadley Bridge and the the Hood Canal Bridge.

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