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Wisconsin Cemeteries

There are currently 128 cemetery listings for the state of Wisconsin. Looking for Wisconsin funeral homes?

Wisconsin is considered to be America's leading producer of dairy products and at times called as America's Dairyland. As a matter of fact, the state ranks number one when in cow's milk which now number to 1, 5000,000 and it is where 15% of the entire nation's milk come from. 

Like the rest of the states, the region had been inhabited by the native American Indians and the name Wisconsin had been derived from an Indian word which is believed to mean the long river. The state's largest cities are Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay and Madison its capital.  ?One of the most famous spots to go to when visiting Wisconsin is the Wisconsin Dells. It is where the Wisconsin River passes in an eight mile long winding gorge. Other interesting places in  Wisconsin are Wisconsin Veterans Museum, Nathaniel Dean House, Alexander House, Heritage Hill State Historical Park and Old Rock Mill Museum

Another interesting thing that draws a lot of people to Wisconsin is the Milwaukee's Summerfest where more than 2,500 do different performances.  

Wisconsin is the home of several notable people like Seymour Cray, Frank Lloyd Wright, Pee Wee King, Harry Houdini, Douglas MacArthur and Gene Wilder. Aside from the mentioned personalities, the state is also the home of the ever famous motorcycle Harley Davidson.

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