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Celebrate Life not Death with a Living Funeral
Celebrate Life not Death with a Living Funeral

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Wyoming Cemeteries

There are currently 26 cemetery listings for the state of Wyoming. Looking for Wyoming funeral homes?

Wyoming entered its statehood on July 10, 1890 and the Union's forty-fourth state. Cheyenne which is its biggest city is also the state's capital. Wyomingites which is the name given to the residents of Wyoming earn a living with the industries in farming, tourism, natural gas and oil making mining as the most important of the industries. Wyoming is the second largest in USA when it comes to uranium deposits and with the largest sodium carbonate deposit in the world. Maughwauwama, a Delaware Indian word which means large plains is where the state of Wyoming got its name.

United States acquired the region which is now is Wyoming from the French colony on 1803 during the Louisiana Purchase. The very first white person who is known to have entered the region was John Colter who then was a fur-trapper.

After the state had been organized as an official territory, Wyomingite women were the very first in America who have obtained the right to suffrage and Nellie Tayloe Ross was the very first female government in the nation.

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