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Changing Cemeteries After the Deceased Has Already Been Buried

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Funeral planning and moving cemetariesWhen funeral planning takes place after a sudden loss, it’s not uncommon for decisions to be made hastily or in the best interest of getting the burial arrangements made and completed with as little fuss as possible. This is especially true if no advance funeral plans were made; you often have several people with opinions and overwhelming feelings, and not everything that is agreed upon is the ideal outcome.

Although it is rare that these decisions stray so far, there are instances in which the deceased is buried in a cemetery plot that you don’t wish to keep. There are many reasons for this. In some cases, a beloved relative might be buried out of state, and you wish to move them closer to your own burial plot. Perhaps the deceased is buried next to a relative he or she doesn’t belong next to, or the cemetery is too crowded to admit the rest of the family (at a future date). Whatever the reason, you may be considering exhuming the deceased and re-burying his or her body in another location.


Bakersfield Cemeteries and Funeral Planning Options

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Funeral planning in BakersfieldBakersfield funeral homes are ready and willing to support you as you make your final plans. These days, the amount of people who pre-plan their funeral is on the rise, and more and more residents in the Bakersfield setting are discovering how much time and money can be saved by paying for a funeral in advance or opting for funeral insurance.

Of course, not all the funeral services you’ll find here have to do with pre-arrangements or laying a loved one to rest in the wake of a tragedy. There are several Bakersfield cemeteries that hold historical interest, and you’ll even find a few famous names buried here. Whether you come to pay your respects or explore the historical cemeteries that tell a tale of the California Gold Rush and Bakersfield’s place in it, there is much to see and do here.


History and Cemeteries in Sacramento, CA

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Funeral planning in SacramentoSacramento funeral homes do their best to provide a range of burial options for today’s families. The city is known as a place that combines old and young, past and present. The old parts can be found in the history of the city’s (and state’s) foundation, and in the government buildings that have been here for decades. The young parts can be found in the vibrant, eco-friendly population that makes the most out of the beautiful California backdrop.

That’s why so many of the funeral services you find here are the same: a combination of new and old. You’ll find up-to-date features like cremation, green funerals, and pre-pay funeral packages as well as an old-fashioned reverence and attention to detail that helps you move through the difficult decisions.


Funeral Etiquette: What to Expect at a Buddhist Funeral

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Buddhist funeral planningBuddhist funerals are very common in the Eastern part of the world, primarily in Japan, Cambodia, and Thailand. And while all these types of funerals have similar roots, they are each unique and varied. Buddhist funerals in the United States are even more unusual, in that they often draw from both Buddhist and Christian practices, often incorporating both viewpoints simultaneously.

This means that although there is a general format to the Buddhist funeral, there is no exact answer of what you can expect during your attendance. As is the case with any religious ceremony, your best option is to remain quiet and respectful, and to perform any tasks that are asked of you. Here are a few other traditions you might come across.


Amarillo, TX Cemeteries and Burial Sites

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Funeral planning in AmarilloAmarillo funeral homes are part of a long tradition of honoring those who have been a part of the local community. Although it is a fairly large area, this Texas locale puts a lot of effort into respecting all the people who have helped build the city, from the early pioneers and builders to local heroes and politicians.

Everyday families have a place here, too, and the funeral services in Amarillo are among the best you’ll find in the state. With a focus on honoring lives in the grand Texas tradition, every ceremony and burial wish is made a priority.

Historic Llano Cemetery

Llano Cemetery is the most famous cemetery in Amarillo, famed for its 140-acres of space and over 100 years of service. It was the first cemetery in the state to have been approved by the Texas Historical Commission as an official historical site. The oldest burial is an 1888 grave for a young child who passed away on her way through, and the land on which she can be found was bought and incorporated into a larger city cemetery in the ensuing years.


When Should You Start Funeral Planning?

Friday, September 9th, 2011

When to start funeral planningBecause death can happen at any time, there is no “right” age at which to start funeral planning. Some people like to take care of their estate planning soon after they have children, and funeral planning is a big portion of that. Others wait until their retirement years or after a long-term diagnosis has been made. Still others don’t make any funeral plans at all, and it is up to their families to coordinate all the details.

While all of these are acceptable outcomes, most funeral homes recommend that you start funeral before you reach retirement age—ideally when you are doing the rest of your long-term financial planning. It is much easier to set aside funds for burial while you are organizing your finances for retirement rather than waiting until you might have to stretch your dollars or face mounting funeral costs.