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    Portland funeral planning

    Cremation is an increasingly common alternative to burial. While traditionally there has been some hesitation when considering the process, it has become more commonly accepted due to the cost effectiveness and versatility. In fact, in 2016, cremations overtook burial as the preferred method of honoring a loved one. Cremations are expected to top 89% by 2030. There are many options to commemorate a loved one, were you to choose cremation. While the option of a traditional burial ceremony may be missing, the cremation ceremony and urn can be beautiful and customized to suit your desires. There are enough options to make sure that the cremation process can be structured to fulfill the sacred memorial that your loved one deserves. iMortuary has been helping families of loved ones with traditional funeral and cremation planning for over 10 years. We are here to make the process easier by easing the stress of finding services and providers near you.

    What Is Cremation in Portland?

    Historians agree that early cremations gained popularity around 3000 B.C., though cremation as we know it today started about 100 years ago. The first crematory was built in 1876 and by 1900 there were twenty crematories in operation. The process was first legalized in the U.S. in 1876 and it took nearly 100 years to reach 5% of popularity in 1972. The choice of cremation is associated with higher education, less home ownership, less religious affiliation, and more transient populations (though higher home values). In 2016 more cremations happened than traditional burials for the first time in recorded history. This is likely due to a number of concerns ranging from financial recession to overcrowding of the planet.

    Cremation Services in Portland: The Pros and Cons

    Planning how to proceed after the death of a loved one is a difficult and expensive burden. While the process of planning a funeral can be difficult, choosing cremation can help ease the financial strain and stress. While the cost-effectiveness of cremation is the most obvious benefit, there are several other pros to using cremation services in your city.

    The Benefits of Cremation:

    • Reduces Financial Stress
    • Less Time-Sensitive
    • Combines Convenience with Tradition
    • More Environmentally-Friendly
    • Versatility

    Reduces Financial Stress

    As established before, cremation is the most cost-effective choice. If necessary, the cost could be as little as the simple process of cremation (which typically ranges in price from $600 to $3,000 depending on several elements, such as where you live, and which provider you choose). There are many extras that can be added on top of that, such as ceremony, headstone, urn, etc. However, even with those additions, in most cases a cremation will be less expensive than a traditional funeral.

    Less Time-Sensitive

    With traditional funerals, it is necessary to have a ceremony and burial as quickly as possible (often within a week of death). There are less natural constraints with the cremation process and therefore less pressure to speed up the process. Once the actual cremation takes place, a ceremony (if that is what the family decides to do) can happen on a more flexible timeline. While a memorial service could conceivably happen months, or even years, after the passing, it should be remembered that a service usually helps loved ones in the grieving process and should not be scheduled more than a month or two out from the event.

    Combines Convenience with Tradition

    Many people still seem to have the idea that you cannot have a funeral if you don't also have a burial. Truth be told, this is not the case. A ceremony is absolutely an option if a loved one is cremated. In fact, there is even more flexibility on how and where you hold the memorial as well as when, if you choose cremation. For most traditional funerals you will be required to work with the funeral home you go through. This can be costly and limiting. For a cremation, you can find any location that works for you and you can hold a beautiful and traditional ceremony.

    More Environmentally-Friendly

    The burial process utilizes chemicals and energy, and then the loved one is buried in a cemetery that must be mowed, watered, and sprayed with pesticides forever. That land can now never be used for any other purpose. In a world that is quickly becoming overpopulated, that could be seen as a bit short-sighted and wasteful. Cremation is a green alternative that saves space and avoids the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment.


    There are many options of what to do with the ashes of your loved one once they have been cremated. You can bury them under a headstone, scatter them in a beloved location, or display them in an urn that will become a piece of art in your home. Another newer option that is taking off in popularity is memorial jewelry. The ashes can be pressed into a gem that can be used to create a lovely piece of jewelry. You can also take the time that you need to process the events and decide when and how you want to proceed.

    Cremation vs. Burial

    When a loved one passes away, there is no easy or correct answer for how to remember them properly. Whether you go for a traditional burial or cremation is up to the family and what is right for them. There are some pros and cons to both options. The most obvious consideration is cost. For the basic process, cremation is easily the less expensive option. Though with additional services and add-ons the price can match (or even surpass) that of a burial. There are other elements to keep in mind as well. Cremation is a final decision. There will be no option for exhumation of the body at a later date. Some studies also suggest that it can be more difficult for loved ones to mourn a loss effectively via cremation. Cremation can also be difficult for some religious affiliations. The religion of the deceased, as well as their family and loved ones, should be considered when selecting the method as well.

    Typical Portland Cremation Prices

    There are several reasons for selecting cremation as the way to remember a loved one, from religious to environmental. One of the top reasons for choosing cremation is financial. Cremation is a much more cost-effective alternative to burial.

    Cremation costs include several things:

    • The process of cremation
    • The cost of the urn or container
    • The memorial or funeral service (optional)
    • The cost of the resting place (optional)

    Most of the costs included in cremation are customizable and can be controlled by whomever is planning the event. You can elect to avoid incurring major costs by having the ashes housed in a simple urn, and conducting a service outdoors with just family. Costs can also quickly add up if a headstone or monument is placed in memoriam. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of cremations (not including the ceremony or any other extras) is around $1,100. The same study states that a funeral (including ceremony) costs $11,000 on average.

    How to Find Affordable Cremation in Portland

    The cost of cremations varies quite a lot depending on where you live. The cost varies based on state, city, and provider. The average per state ranges from about $1300 to $3000, though low cost providers can be found who perform services for costs of between $600 and $1200. If you live in a major metropolitan city, you're looking at higher costs for cremation (and much higher costs for burial). A direct cremation will likely be your most cost-effective option as it bypasses a funeral home completely. This is when the deceased is cremated immediately and the ashes are directly returned to the family. Unfortunately, there is very little assistance for low-income families when it comes to funeral services. There are a few options, but they are very limited. To find out if you qualify, contact your local human or social services. iMortuary is a valuable resource for finding and comparing cremation services near you. Our database of providers have all been personally-screened and endorsed. What can be a time-consuming and frustrating process can be streamlined so that you are only talking to a reputable, quality provider that uses fair and ethical business practices. We will assist you in finding out all the information you need before even contacting the provider such as availability and costs. This way you aren't spending your time finding out information that will easily take a provider out of contention.

    Note on Service and Veteran Death

    For service-related deaths, the VA will cover up to $2000 of burial expenses. For non-service-related deaths of veterans, the VA will cover up to $762, with some contingencies. Source: https://www.benefits.va.gov/compensation/claims-special-burial.asp

    Ask Us about Portland Cremation Services

    Deciding what method to choose after the death of a loved one is only the first step. iMortuary can help you in the painful and stressful process of finding cremation services, planning a memorial that adequately honors the deceased, and deciding what to do with the ashes once everything has been completed. iMortuary is the support you need when your earth has been shaken by the death of a loved one. We've served almost 15,000 families since 2007 and we're ready to help you. iMortuary is also a valuable tool for assisting with funeral and cremation pre-planning. There are innumerable reasons to consider pre-planning a funeral, but here are the top three:

    • You eliminate the major emotional and financial burden placed on family members, particularly children.
    • You can decide how you want to be honored when the time comes.
    • You have control over the overall funeral costs.

    What Happens After Cremation in Portland?

    According to a study by the NFDA, only 7% of people do not associate cremation with a memorial service of some kind. Once the process of cremation happens, there are several options for honoring a loved one. You can plan a traditional service for friends and family at home or in a venue. You can travel across the world to scatter the ashes in a well-loved location. Or you can have them pressed into jewelry that may become a family heirloom. While some believe that it is more difficult to let go of a loved one without the traditional burial ceremony, this is not true for everyone. You can create a beautiful memorial, in a variety of ways, to honor their memory in a respectful way.

    Alternatives to Cremation and Traditional Funerals

    Of the two more traditional methods for memorial, cremation is the greener option. There are less chemicals involved and it doesn't take up space in already crowded cemeteries. However, it does still release some gases into the environment. For the more environmentally conscious, there may be green options to consider near your home.

    Cremation in Portland: Final Thoughts

    Now that you have all of the information you need to move forward with the cremation process, we would urge you to use iMortuary for your planning. All of the information we provide has been vetted and pre-screened so you don't need to waste your valuable time and energy on research. Planning after the death of a loved one is heartbreaking and stressful. We want to ease the burden as much as we can. This is why we started our business in 2007 and have helped over 14,000 families through the process. Find out more here. Learn about our cremation services, as well as other resources and information. We want to help you get through this painful process.

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  • How satisfied are you with your decision to pre-arrange your funeral?

    Understanding funeral planning

    Source: Homesteaders Life Company

    The 4 Steps of Funeral Pre-Planning

    1. Connect to schedule a pre-planning appointment. Typically in just 30-45 minutes, your licensed funeral planning representative can gather information and provide a custom price quote.
    2. Finalize funding for your funeral plan with a pre-need policy. A pre-need funeral policy helps offset inflation and offers immediate access to your full coverage amount.
    3. At the time of need, simply notify the funeral home. With your specific preferences on file, they will provide the services and merchandise specified in the contract.
    4. Proceeds from your pre-need policy pay the bill. Proceeds from the policy directly pay the funeral home for your services.

    Top 3 Reasons Given for Funeral Pre-Planning

    1. Eliminating a emotional and financial burden on family members, especially children.
    2. Making specific arrangement decisions.
    3. Controlling overall funeral costs.

* Based on NFDA 2009 data for average funeral costs and represents only basic funeral services.