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Does a Funeral Have to Include a Viewing of the Body?
Does a Funeral Have to Include a Viewing of the Body?

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Lancaster Funeral Homes

  • Location of Lancaster in California and Los Angeles County


    Lancaster is also known as: Los Angeles County / Lancaster city.

    Lancaster contains: West Coast Baptist College.

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  • Ron emmerson (entrepreneur) was born in Lancaster.

    Interesting Facts

    Lancaster has been featured in films like: Land of the Lost (2009), and Born Free (2010).

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Ron emmerson (entrepreneur), Tyrone Culver (american football player), Chaz Schilens (american football player), Chris Gocong (american football player), Steve Buechele (baseball player), Tina Landon (choreography), and Sean Douglass (baseball player).

    Obituaries for residents might be found in these newspapers: Antelope Valley Press.

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  • Sunset over Lancaster CA


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    In 1933 Lancaster became home to the United States Army Air Corps, now known as Edward Air Force Base. Lancaster then became closely tied to the aviation industry. The Aerospace Walk of Honor created in 1990 honors test pilots connected with the Edwards Air Force Base. Five new pilots from around the world are honored each year. To receive this honor the pilots need to have multiple accomplishments to their name.

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All Funeral Homes in Lancaster

Antelope Valley Cremation Service
619 W Milling St Send flowers
Lancaster, CA 93584


Funeral Reference Service
44802 Date Ave Send flowers
Lancaster, CA 93584


Good Shepherd Cemetery
43121 70th St W Send flowers
Lancaster, CA 93586


Halley-Olsen-Murphy Memorial
44802 Date Ave Send flowers
Lancaster, CA 93534


Joshua Memorial Park
808 E Lancaster Blvd Send flowers
Lancaster, CA 93539


Lancaster Cemetery
111 E Lancaster Blvd Send flowers
Lancaster, CA 93539


Mumaw Funeral Home
44663 Date Ave Send flowers
Lancaster, CA 93534

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