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Things to Ask Your Funeral Director
Things to Ask Your Funeral Director

Whether you're funeral planning for yourself or facing the recent loss of a loved one, you will most likely work with a funeral director to ensure that all the burial and/or cremation arrangements are set. Funeral directors are the professionals who either run a funeral home or are hired by the funeral home to assist with end-of-life arrangements. Larger funeral homes may have more than one director, so that the attention and time you need is available.Some of the decisions you make together will be the most important and difficult you will ever encounter, so being comfortable with the... more »


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There are currently 299 funeral home listings for the state of Oregon. Looking for Oregon cemeteries?

Oregon is mostly an urbanized state with seventy percent of its population located in the urban areas and thirty percent on the rural spots. While the other states are proud of their large parks, the Mil Ends Park in Portland, Oregon in the world's smallest park officially recognized. It only measures around two feet  across. Created in 1948, the place was created to hold races between snails and leprechauns during the celebration of St. Patrick's day.

The way to Crater Lake could be very scary but the view is so breathe taking. Having formed like 6,500 years ago, it is considered to be United States' deepest lake and the only one in the world which had been formed from volcano eruption debris with its clear and blue waters very much known to the world.

The llama is one of the most dominant animals in Oregon and as a matter of fact, Oregonians own like a quarter of the whole country's llama population. The Oregon is the very first state that raised a ban on non-returnable cans and bottles. The law was aimed to reduce the litter and to encourage recycling.

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