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Funeral Planning Warnings

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John Day Funeral Homes

  • John Day Oregon


    John Day is also known as: Grant County / John Day city.

    John Day contains: Kam Wah Chung & Co. Museum.

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  • Location in Oregon

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  • History

    John Day is a city located about 1 mile (1. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 1,744, making it the largest city in the county. The first homestead staked in Grant County (what was then Wasco County), in 1862 by B. C. Trowbridge, was within the limits of the present city of John Day. The Eastern Oregon community was not as quick to grow as neighboring Canyon City, which was the county seat and center of the bustling mining industry in the area. Incrementally, local merchants and residents began relocating to John Day—primarily each time after severe fires in Canyon City: the Grant County Courthouse burned in 1870, Chinatown burned in 1885, and fires in 1898 and 1937 devastated Canyon City's downtown. The first Post Office at "John Day City" was established in 1865, but was discontinued in 1871. It was reestablished in 1879 with the name John Day. In April 1900, a local committee was elected, and...

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    There is currently 1 funeral home listing for the city of John Day, Oregon.

All Funeral Homes in John Day

Driskill Memorial Chapel
241 S Canyon Blvd Send flowers
John Day, OR 97845

D.V. Huffman Home (Doylestown, OH)