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5 Questions to Ask Before You Start Funeral Planning
5 Questions to Ask Before You Start Funeral Planning

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Riverside Funeral Homes

  • Riverside mountain


    Popular neighborhoods in Riverside include: Arlanza, Arlington, Casa Blanca, La Sierra, Sycamore Springs, Airport, Alessandro Heights, Arlington Heights, Arlington South, Canyon Crest, Downtown, Eastside, Grand, Magnolia Center, Hawarden Hills, Hunter Industrial Park, La Sierra Acres, La Sierra Hills, La Sierra South, and Mission Grove.

    Riverside is also known as: Riverside County / Riverside city.

    Riverside tourist attractions include: Riverside Art Museum, Riverside Metropolitan Museum, Riverside International Automotive Museum, California Citrus State Historic Park, and The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa.

    Riverside contains: The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, Harada House, Riverside Art Museum, A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management, and Victoria Avenue.

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  • The film 'The Devil's Carnival' was filmed in Riverside and released in 2012.

    Interesting Facts

    Riverside has been featured in films like: The Devil's Carnival (2012).

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Barry Bonds (baseball player and athlete), Amy Lee (singer and pianist), Garrett Wang (actor), Scarlett Pomers (actor and singer-songwriter), Alia Shawkat (actor), Bubba Franks (american football player), and Cato June (american football player).

    Obituaries for residents might be found in these newspapers: The Press-Enterprise, The Praetorian, and Riverside Business Press.

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  • Riverside Art Museum


    Whether you are from Arlington, Casa Blanca, Orange Crest, Ramona, or any of the 28 neighborhoods in Riverside, iMortuary can help you with your funeral planning needs. We include listings of local cemeteries, funeral parlors, funeral flowers, cremation providers, as well as a host of other funeral services to make funeral planning easier.

    In the late 1800's Riverside was the center of the citrus industry, boasting a quarter million citrus trees. Today, one of the first trees planted in 1874 still lives behind a protective barrier.
    Riverside is also the home of the exquisite historic Mission Inn, where royals, 8 presidents, and a multitude of celebrities have visited.

    The official website for the city of Riverside is

    There are currently 17 funeral home listings for the city of Riverside, California.

All Funeral Homes in Riverside

Angel Care Cremation & Burial
5814 Robinson Ave # A Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92505

Arlington Mortuary
9645 Magnolia Ave Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92503


California Cremation Center
3773 Tibbetts St Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92516


Evergreen Memorial Park
4414 14th St Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92502


Funeral Planning Association
8822 Limonite Ave Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92509


Inland Memorial Cremation
6886 Magnolia Ave Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92516

Inland Memorial Mortuary
2050 West Key Street Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92504


Lori & Montgomery Funeral Home
9695 Magnolia Ave Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92503


Metropolitan Mortuary Jurupa Valley
2940 Rubidoux Blvd Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92509


National Cremation Service
11540 Arlington Ave Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92860


Olivewood Memorial Park
3300 Central Ave Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92516


Preston & Simons Mortuary
3358 Mission Inn Ave Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92502


Rubidoux Mortuary
6091 Mission Blvd Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92519


Sierra Memorial Chapel Mortuary
4933 La Sierra Ave Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92515


Tillman Riverside Mortuary
2874 10th St Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92502

Tribute Memorial Service
6611 Arlington Ave Ste G Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92517


Watson Butler Family Mortuary
6091 Mission Blvd Send flowers
Riverside, CA 92519

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