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What to Do When a Loved One Dies Overseas
What to Do When a Loved One Dies Overseas

Although its a rare occurrence and few people think it can happen to them, there are incidences in which a United States citizen dies while living or vacationing abroad. This can be a trying experience. In addition to dealing with the grief of loss, there is quite a bit of red tape to go through in order to transfer the body of the deceased and to get all the appropriate paperwork to settle the estate.Step One: Contact the Bureau of Consular AffairsIf the deceased was traveling alone, chances are that the Bureau of Consular Affairs will contact you to inform you of his or... more »

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Visalia Funeral Homes

There are currently 6 funeral home listings for the city of Visalia, California. Looking for Visalia cemeteries?

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Hadley Funeral Chapels
917 W Center Ave Send flowers
Visalia, CA 93290

Hadley Funeral Chapels
1421 W Meadow Ave Send flowers
Visalia, CA 93277

Heritage Funeral Service
1120 W Goshen Ave Send flowers
Visalia, CA 93291

Heritage Funeral Services Visalia
603 N Court St Send flowers
Visalia, CA 93279


Salser & Dillard Funeral Chapell
127 E Caldwell Ave Send flowers
Visalia, CA 93278


Visalia Cemetery
1300 W Goshen Ave Send flowers
Visalia, CA 93291