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Funeral Planning Warnings

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Fort Collins Funeral Homes

There are currently 9 funeral home listings for the city of Fort Collins, Colorado. Looking for Fort Collins cemeteries?

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Fort Collins true to its name was initially a military fort, and though it was demilitarized in 1867 many people had come to settle in the area. Within a few years it was a thriving center for agriculture. One of the most successful crops was sugar-beets. The beets were consumed by residents and processed into sugar, and the tops provided nutrient rich food for sheep. Because of this Fort Collins was eventually nicknamed the "Lamb feeding capital of the world."

All Funeral Homes in Fort Collins

Allnutt Funerals Creamation & Pre Planning
1530 Riverside Ave Send flowers
Fort Collins, CO 80553

Allnutt Funerals Cremation & Pre Planning
650 W Drake Rd Send flowers
Fort Collins, CO 80523


Bohlender Funeral Chapel
1208 W Mountain Ave Send flowers
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Bohlender Funeral Chapel
121 W Olive St Send flowers
Fort Collins, CO 80528

Bohlender Funeral Chapel
8876 N County Road 17 Send flowers
Fort Collins, CO 80549


Goes Funeral Care & Crematory
3665 Canal Dr Unit E Send flowers
Fort Collins, CO 80553


Resthaven Funeral & Cremation
100 E County Road 30 Send flowers
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Resthaven Funeral & Cremation Service
100 E County Road 30 Send flowers
Fort Collins, CO 80538

Roselawn Cemetery
2718 E Mulberry St Send flowers
Fort Collins, CO 80553