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Funeral Trends: Ghanaian Fantasy Coffins
Funeral Trends: Ghanaian Fantasy Coffins

A recent trend in the funeral planning industry is to bypass traditional caskets in hardwood and stainless steel to opt for something more personalized. From custom-made themed caskets and do-it-yourself casket... more »


District of Columbia Funeral Homes

There are currently 58 funeral home listings for the state of District of Columbia. Looking for District of Columbia cemeteries?

The District of Columbia is the capital city of the United States of America. A lot of great landmarks like the White House, Supreme Court and the Capitol are located in here. Another landmark in the city is the building of the FBI. It was the then president George Washington who chose the District of Columbia or more known as Washington to be the nation's capital. It was founded in July 16, 1790 but became America's capital on June 11, 1800 and it was the ex-president John Adams and his family who first lived in Washington. The city was designed by a Frenchman named Major Pierre Charles L'Enfant in the year 1791.

Aside from being the center of America's government, District of Columbia has also its own share of the great and famous Americans like John Edgar Hoover, Al Gore, Carl Bernstein, Benjamin Oliver Davis, Gene Davis, Edward "Duke" Ellington, Pat Buchanan, Adrian Dantley and John Foster Dulles.

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