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Pros and Cons of Embalming
Pros and Cons of Embalming

One of the important funeral planning questions everyone must consider when choosing burial is whether or not to have the deceased embalmed. There are strong camps both in favor of and against embalming, and its become the kind of issue that divides families who are already struggling to deal with a huge loss.While no one can decide for you whether or not embalming is the right choice, here are a few pros and cons of this option.Benefits of EmbalmingThe primary benefit of embalming is the gift of time. When a body is preserved in this way, you have more time to plan a... more »

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Yulee Funeral Homes

There are currently 2 funeral home listings for the city of Yulee, Florida. Looking for Yulee cemeteries?

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Green Pine Funeral Home
96281 Green Pine Rd Send flowers
Yulee, FL 32097

Green Pine Funeral Home & Cemetery
3407 Green Pine Rd Send flowers
Yulee, FL 32041