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Pet Burial (in a Formal Setting)
Pet Burial (in a Formal Setting)

When it comes to our families, some of us have a few more members of the four-footed variety. Funeral planning for our pet isnt something that comes up very often between playtime and feeding, but it is an... more »

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Galena Funeral Homes

  • Skyline of Galena, Illinois


    Galena is also known as: Jo Daviess County / Galena city.

    Galena contains: Ulysses S. Grant Home, Old Market House, Galena Historic District, and Elihu Benjamin Washburne House.

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  • History

    Galena has a rich history that is visible in the city's architecture. Originally inhabited by Sac and Fox Native Americans, by the late 17th century, the French began to settle in the area. In the early 19th century, American settlers began to arrive. Following a sharp decline in the demand for lead, Galena's population dropped from 14,000 in the mid-19th century, to 3,396 in the early 21st century. Once one of the most important cities in the state, Galena was the hub on the Mississippi River between St. Louis and St. Paul. Due to erosion, the Galena River is inaccessible to steamboats like it once was. Also Galena received national attention in the 1860s as home of General Ulysses S. Grant. Galena's official flag was adopted in 1976 to symbolize mining, agriculture, steamboats, and the nine American Civil War generals who lived...

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Furlong Funeral Chapel
100 Caroldon Ct Send flowers
Galena, IL 61036


Miller & Steinke Funeral Home
235 S Bench St Send flowers
Galena, IL 61036